In this section you will find server-side utility tools designed to help and automate administration tasks. Some of them you may run direct from the console (manually or from a script) and other must be run from the rules files using the "Exec!" action

Selor_errors  (selor_errors_src_1.0.tar.bz2)

Manages error responses from remote servers, keeping records in the database for bouncing user accounts. Enables the server to avoid sending messages to bouncing user accounts, improving the server reputation among the comunity


Selor_rquota  (selor_rquota_src_1.0.tar.bz2)

Controls the number of emails (recipients) that your clients can send per hour/day/week/month.
This can be used to control quotas for others types of informations like IPs and create a Tarpit control

For each recipient passed to server, this program increments a counter on database and when limit for this user is reached, it returns a value to Selor preventing your customer to send the message. The reset of this quota can be made when you want. With this in your mind, you decide whether the limit is per hour, day, week or month

Selor_DKIM  (selor_dkim_1.0.tar.bz2)

Program to generate DKIM signatures for emails that your customers send.


MB2MD  (mb2md.tar.bz2)

A program to convert Mailbox to Maildir



Rmaildirsize (rmaildirsize_1.0.tar.bz2)

Utility program to recalculate the size of one or all mailboxes in Maildir format



Check the Selor Forum to more information

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